Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Where is the sun coming from?
The sun's path is basically along york street.

Where is the approach? (pedestrian and vehicular)
The approach is on from Adams street

Will people walk, take taxis, public transportation?
People will walk or take taxis to the site.

Where is the quietest or noisiest?
The noisiest part of this site is on york street because of the B.Q.E.

Is there change in grade?
There is a change of about 10 feet in the grade.

Are there views?
There are several views like the B.Q.E and the Manhattan bridge.

Are these views good or bad?
The view vary between good and bad because there's also a view of the adjacent building while there are great views on the B.Q.E and the Manhattan Bridge.

Where will you enter the building?
The building will be entered from York, street and Adam Street because of the long store-front opportunities.

Is there open space and how will it be used?
There is a large amount of open space on the site and it will be used as outdoors galleries.

What are the heights of the surrounding buildings?
The adjacent building is about 6 stories high.

Does this interfere with your building - or how can your building respond?
This blocks the view of the Brooklyn bridge, and i can respond by building higher than the adjacent building.