Tuesday, February 2, 2010


1. which building typology you are researching?

I am researching a educational building, specifically an art and design center.

2. why are you researching this building typology?

I am researching the building typology because I am an admirer and explorer of art, so i think it is fitting to design a building devoted to the arts.

3. what are the specialty of this building type you would like to research i.e. museum for dance, school for digital media...

The specialty of the building type that i would like to research are establishment that also explore and exhibits many different forms of contemporary art.

4. what are the examples that you will be researching... lists the examples, locations and architects (10 examples)

P.S 1 contemporary art center, located in long island city Queen NY,

Rosental center for contemporary art, by Zaha Hadid located at Walnut Street and East Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati

Rose center for earth and space

5. what are your goals for working with this building type?

My goals for working with this building type are to develop my design skills further into less familiar horizons, and to have fun designing a building dedicated to art.

6. what are the program elements that you see included at this point in your building? (may evolve once more research is done)

class rooms, exhibition spaces, bathrooms, a small auditorium, dance rooms, music studio, art and design studio, lobby, etc..

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